"You have to play offensively differently against Baylor when Griner is in the game than you do against any other team in the country. That is why she is the Player of the Year. That is why she is the best player in women's college basketball right now."
 • Rebecca Lobo - ESPN analyst

"I thought for a long time trying to figure out something brilliant to say, and I don't know if there's anything new that can be said... Brittney is Brittney."
 • Bill Fennelly - Iowa State, head coach

"She's special, guys. I hope you guys understand that. She's been special for an awfully long time and she's gotten better and better and better. That's a young lady who, I think, is arguably the best player in the world now because of what she can do on both ends of the floor.''
 • Bonnie Henrickson - Kansas, head coach

"She's developed a bit of aggressiveness and a few more ways to score than she has in the past. That has made it really difficult to defend her. The only thing that you can do is hope that she misses or hope that they don't get her the ball enough times."
 • Geno Auriemma - UConn, head coach

"Obviously Brittney Griner is a tremendous player. She has advanced her game and improved her skill set every year she's been at Baylor."
 • Pat Summitt - Tennessee, head coach

"Griner has changed the game. I'm just glad she didn't dunk on us. She really defensively changes the whole game. Every time you drive in there, no matter who is guarding you, she's going to be at the rim to block a shot. We didn't get as many shots around the basket as we had hoped to. Certainly she changed our game."
 • Muffett McGraw - Notre Dame, head coach

"TI don't think there's any limits on how good she is. When you have somebody like that, she's not only special but she makes everybody around her special. You know about point guards that do everything right and make other people around them better, she makes people around her better."
 • Jim Littell - Oklahoma State, head coach

"She is just impossible, probably, to contain. In order to put pressure on Baylor, you have to score the ball."
 • Suzy Merchant - Michigan State, head coach

"I don't think she (Griner) gets enough credit in general. In my estimation, player of the year is down to two players, Brittney Griner and Maya Moore."
 • Doris Burke - ESPN Analyst